This agreement is written in Turkish. If this contract conflicts with any translation of the text written in Turkish, Turkish version shall be prevail. Within Section 9, there are specific differences correlating with the general conditions which affect users outside the borders of Turkey.

Last Modified Date: 15 November 2019

Rights, Responsibilities and Terms of Use.

By accessing or using Futuristick, you agree to these Terms of Use in advance

1.      Definitions
a. As part of Futuristick, there are features and services that we offer on the following parts : (a) Futuristick mobile applications and all other web sites within the scope of  Futuristick brand  or  its partnership  (subdomains, international versions including tools and mobile versions) (b)  our platform, (c) social attachments such as the tick button and crossed-button and other similar properties, (d) other environments, like software, devices or networks currently existing or  to be developed in future.

b.   As part of  Platform,  there are some application / programming interfaces and services allowing others including Futuristick developers and the mobile application operators to receive data  from Futuristick or  to provide data to us.

c.  As part of Information, besides the transactions you did, there are  the reality you have and other information about you.

d.  As part of Content, there is everything you have shared via Futuristick but not in the content of information.

e. As part of Data, there are content and data the third parties will receive from Futuristick  and provide to Futuristick via Platform.

f. As part of Send, aforesaid content, information and data are shared through Futuristick or provided to us in different ways.

g. As part of  Usage, this part is related to using, copying, exhibiting, displaying, distributing, modifying and translating of  these content information or this part is related to creating new content, information or data based on these content, information or data. 

2. Privacy

Your privacy and information security is very important for us. Our Privacy Policy is developed to show important statements about how to perform sharing with others, and how we collect or use your content and information through Futuristick. We recommend you to use and read the Privacy Policy in manner that it helps you make conscious decisions.

3. Sharing your content and information

All content and information you share through Futuristick is in your property. Thus, the responsibility about all the content and information shared by the users of Futuristick  belongs to Futurstick users themselves. Futuristick does not accept any responsibility for the shared content and information by the users of Futuristick.

In addition

a. For the content such as photos which is in the scope of intellectual property rights, you give us this permission: Based on default privacy settings you enable us an international, royalty free and transferable license which is covered by intellectual property rights to use the content shared through Futuristick and is available to assign the sub-licenses. When you delete the content which is covered by intellectual property rights or your account, the Intellectual Property License validity ends if this content has not been shared with others yet or deleted by others.

b. When you delete the content that is covered by intellectual property rights, this content will be deleted in the similar way like deleting of the recycle bin in the computers if   you agree that deleted content can be kept in the backup copies during the reasonable period of time (but this information will not be reachable by others).

c. When you publish information or content  by using default Privacy Settings, it means that you allow everyone(including people who are not in the scope of the Futuristick registered users) to use the information or content. 

Your ideas and suggestions about Futuristick are always very important for us, but you agree that Futuristic has no obligations to pay you any fees while you are sharing these (as you have no obligations to share).

4. Safety
We are working very hard using the latest technology to keep Futuristick in safe but still we cannot guarantee one hundred percent level of security. We need your help and conscious usage to ensure the safety. Thus you should submit the following commitments:

a.   It is not allowed to share any content which breaks the laws of  T.R. or international laws, treaties, agreements, and regulations.

b. It is not allowed to send any disallowed commercial communications (such as spam, etc.) on Futuristick and to share them in different ways.

c. Without our permission, it is not allowed to use automated tools (address collection bots, robots, spider, or scrapers) to collect the content or information of other users.

d. It is not allowed to perform multilevel marketing activities such as pyramid scheme building, etc.

e. You shall not install viruses or other malicious codes.

f. You shall not try to access the log on information or account of someone else.

g. You shall not disturb, threaten  or harass any other users.

h. It is not allowed to share any content hateful, threatening and pornographic; and containing nudity or violence.

i. You shall not share any provocative or infradig content about groups.

j. It is not allowed to use Futuristick for illegal, misleading or malicious purposes.

k. Futuristick system administrators have the rights to delete any content that does not fit the terms of use.

l. You shall not do any actions to prevent Futuristick work properly, slow down or to force the capacity such as denial of service attack [DoS] or any similar actions.

m. Any users who do not obey the Terms of Use will be warned by the system administrators of Futuristick. However, repeating the same behavior in our system, user accounts will be deleted. Futuristick management keeps the right to delete, temporarily or permanently suspend of the user accounts.  Content published by deleted or suspeneded  accounts will be removed automatically or named as anonymous sendings.

To break the Terms of Use of this Agreement, you shall not give any suggestion or support.


5. Registration and Account Security

Futuristick asks users real names and information. In orfer, to keep things in that way, we need your help and your conscious use. These are the commitments you provide us for the registration process, and to keep your account security:

a. You shall not create accounts by using false personal information or the information of someone else without the permission of the person.

b. You shall not create more than one or fake accounts.

c. If we close your account you shall not create a new one without our written permission.

d. You shall not use your account for commercial earnings (like selling your forecast sendings to an advertiser).

e. If you are under the age of 13 years, you shall not use Futuristick.

f. Convicted sexual crinimals are not allowed to use Futuristick.

g. You shall ensure that your account information is definite and up – to - date.

h. You shall not share your password with others or allow others to access your account or perform any other action to jeopardize its security.

i. Your account is not transferable without our prior written permission.

j. If you choose a username for your account, we preserve the right to remove the name of the user or to take it back when we think that it is necessary (in case the owner of a trademark complains about the user name of  an user name being  closely associated with it.)

6. Protection the Rights of  Other Persons

We respect the rights of the other parties and expect the same behavior also from you.

a. You shall not publish anything that is against the laws or  violate of others or to perform any similar actions.

b. We preserve the right to remove any content shared by you through Futuristick if we see them against the term of use.

c. We will close your account without any warning if we find out that you continuously violate the intellectual property rights.

d. It is not allowed without our written permission to use our copyright rights or the commercial brands such as name of Futuristick, Social World, Global World or similar brands that would lead to a confusion.

e. You will act in accordance with the following conditions; if you collect information from other users:  you will receive the approval of the people whose information is collected, explain that you collect the  information (not futuristick) and publish a privacy policy describing  which information you collect and  how you will use them . 

f. You shall not share any identity or important financial information of anybody.

7. dissolution


If we find out that you have broken any point of these Terms of Use or have exposed us to a potential legal sanctions,  we can stop providing you the Futuristick services partially or completely. We will notify you by e-mail or when you try to access Fururistick next time.

8. disputes
a. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this “Terms of Use” agreement, including any questions, disputes shall be referred to and finally resolved in the Courts of Istanbul. Any litigation that may arise between your and our side regardless of conflict of laws principles shall be subject to the laws of Republic of Turkey.

If your activities on Futuristick such as content and information sharing in relation to any party, will bring a lawsuit against us, then you agree that all the damage or any expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that may occur while the litigation, won’t be a responsibility of Futuristick.


9. Special Provisions Applicable to the Users who Outside the borders of Turkey

We are trying to create a global community including consistent standards for everyone but at the same time we are trying to ensure to be respectful to local laws. The following provisions can be applied to the users who are outside the borders of Turkey:

a. You allow your personal data to be transfered and processed within Turkey.

                            b. If you access Futuristick from a country which is not derecognized by Turkey you may not defend your rights arising from this Terms of Use in the courts where mentioned in this agreement.