Futuristick Privacy Policy

Futuristick is a global platform. The users who do not know each other should communicate within specific access limits in order to keep it as global.

In addition, Futuristick also lets users share forecasts through her / his Social World with the users who have been added by the users to their world as friends. Therefore, by this way you can personalise your forecasts.

Global World:

You should have a profile with information that should contain at least your name, photo and selected languages will be used to join the world of Futuristick

Social World:

In order to share forecasts through Social World you should add people as friends to your Social world. The information under your Social World can be visible only to your friends.

Default settings are visible only to your *Tickbuddy group.




Futuristick sends notifications to you and other users, when you or they add users as a friend, Tick / Send a forecast, and start to track a user, etc.

Information we collect and how we use it

Information you provide: 

In order to present you a better Futuristick experience, and to increase the quality of our services, we may collect the following type of information.


Definiton of Information:

  • Sign Up information,

            When you sign up for a Futuristick account, we ask you for your personal information like your e-mail, birth date, gender, and the languages you speak.

  •  The information that you have been sharing on your own initiative usuing your account, 

            The following information is also included; sending a forecast to Futuristick, to present any forecast of a Futuristick user who you track, any comment you give to other users posts, etc. all this kind of information that you share on your own initiative.

  • The information you share on your own initiative when you take an action through Futuristick such as adding a user to your Social World as a friend, tracking an official page or a user.

Also these are within the scope of information; your profile picture, user name, the languages you use or the information you have chosen as public.

In addtion, your birth date can be used time to time for our statistics.

The information about you, shared by others

We receive information about you through users when a user in your friends group sends you a forecast or starts to track you.

The other information about you we collect

We also collect other type of information when;

·         You use Futuristick interface, access to another user’s Social World, send messages to others, do search for a user / official page or click an advertisement,

·         You upload a photo or additional metadata,

·         You visit a webpage which is featured by Futuristick. The information here such as; visit time & date, the url you have been to, technical info about IP address, your web browser and the operating system, and your user name can be found if you have already logged on to Futuristick.

We can share the statistics with everbody such our users, publishers or the sides associated to Futuristick.

In addition to above your choices are;

Account Settings:

When you log on to Futuristick you can access Account Settings or the icon on the top right, and edit your settings.


You can choose where to send your forecasts, for example Global World, Social World, etc. Your user name will be visible in the Global World when you send the forecasts.

Local storage on your devices:

We store data like your recent forecast sendings. You can access and delete this information through your browser.