Protection of Personal Data


As “Futuristick, the T.C. law numbered 6698, it was prepared for the purpose of protection of personal data and processing of personal data within the scope of the personal data protection law.


Data Collection and Processing


If you join Futuristick without a membership your browser name, information about the device you are using, log information about your visit (time, page, number, login time, etc.), feedback, complaint or contact message, e-mail address you left for contact, location, IP address and other information about cookies are collected anonymously and stored throughout the legal process.


If you participate as a member of Futuristick, we will protect your information by registering the name, surname, gender, email, user name, telephone number, ip address, cookies you have registered with the above mentioned data.

The collection of cookies and all the personal information provided by you to improve the services we offer, according to your needs, our site to provide you with special settings, faster and easier access to provide, where necessary Futuristick site management or communication between members to provide services, third party and web site to provide customized advertising services T.C law of protection of personal data numbered 6698, T.C law numbered 5651 of the regulation of publications on the Internet in the fight against crimes committed through the Internet and the Turkish penal code and other relevant legislation for the period required to store your data and process your data to fulfill our obligations.


Sharing and Transferring Personal Data


You may transfer your personal data in order to gather in Turkey and Futuristic management of other servers can store our backup and abroad. To send short messages via local / foreign third party and web site services to your shared phone number in order to determine and verify that the member is a real person in anonymity with the domestic / foreign companies and third parties engaged in measurement, analysis and advertising targeting based on personal data accordingly the T.C. law of protection of personal data within the article 8 and 9.


Rights and Use of Data Owners


Under the article 11 of the T.C. law of protection of personal data to learn whether or not personal data is processed, to request information about it if it is processed, to learn the purpose of processing of personal data and whether it is used for its purpose, to know third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad, if the personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed. requesting that they be corrected, requesting deletion or destruction of personal data, notifying third parties to whom the personal data is transferred, correcting, deleting or destroying personal data; Futuristick will be entitled to use Futuristick to exercise your rights to claim damages in the event of damage caused by unlawful processing of data you can contact to us.